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One of our guests has written a great blog post about what to do and see during your stay in Orkney on Scotland travel guide 'Love, from Scotland': 'It's time to visit Orkney'.


Skara Brae - neolithic village in Orkney

Places to visit

Instabillie self catering cottages are situated in the West Mainland, close to a lot of Orkney's most visited attractions such as the world heritage site Skara Brae, the oldest neolithic village in Europe, as well as Kitchener's Memorial on top of Marwick Head which itself is an RSPB nature reserve.



Orkney offers a wealthy of outdoor activities

Outdoor Activities

Orkney offers a wide choice of outdoor activities, from walking and cycling to diving, rock climbing, and so much more. Our trout lochs are world famous, local boat hire available. Please do always be aware of the changeable weather conditions and take note of the tides.



Swans in Orkney


You will notice an abundance of bird life in Orkney, in summer the cliff ledges are filled with nesting birds such as guillemots, fulmars and puffins, and in winter the beautiful whooper swans visit our isles along with thousands of geese.




Countryside good practice advice

A few hints and tips on how to enjoy the Orcadian countryside with care and responsiblity. Thank you!