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About Us

Instabillie before renovation
Upper Instabillie before renovation

The 12 acre croft of Instabillie has been in the Brass family for many generations. We have records of Brass’s there in 1759!

It is now owned by Brian and Karen Brass.

Brian inherited it in 2008 from his Uncle Alfie. It had been a working croft up till then. Alfie had lived in the house of Instabillie for almost 80 years. Upper Instabillie was derelict and hadn’t been lived in for approx 70 years. In fact, latterly Alfie used it to store the hay for his 3 black cows!

We have worked hard to do the renovations sympathetically and to a high standard and hopefully Instabillie will remain in the Brass family for many more generations.

Instabillie is situated one mile north of the Bay of Skaill, overlooking the beautiful sandy beach, in the township (district within a parish) of Northdyke in Sandwick.

In old Norse Insta = inner and Billie = croft so the name means inner-most croft from the shore in that township.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

Karen Brass